ATM Machines for Sale, Placement, and Lease

Affordable ATM Machines with a Service Promise

CAI offers premier ATM machines, with a full-service guarantee. Why spend money on credit card fees, when you can earn money instead? Secure, reliable, and proven to provide ROI, ATMs add value. No matter what your industry, CAI is your premier ATM partner.

  • Bar & Restaurant ATM Machines: Increased cash on hand means increased spending
  • Retail ATM Machines: Minimize credit-card transaction fees, increase cash spending, and attract new customers
  • Hospitality ATM Machines: Customer convenience ensures a positive experience
  • Bank & Credit Union ATM Machines: Expand your footprint with an ATM and heighten brand visibility

ATM Machine Program Options

CAI will work with you to find the optimal solution for your business.

  • ATM Machine Ownership: Maximize ROI by purchasing your own ATM.
  • ATM Placement Program: Let CAI manage your ATM program, headache-free.
  • ATM Machine Leasing: ATM leasing is available to certain, well-qualified customers.

Explore Our Wide Range of ATM Machines

ATM Nautilus Hyosung HALO

Nautilus Hyosung HALO

LATEST WORLD-CLASS MACHINE: Sate-of-the-art design and technology.

more about Nautilus Hyosung HALO

ATM Nautilus Hyosung 4000W

Nautilus Hyosung 4000W

UNPRECEDENTED FLEXIBILITY: Ideal for sites where real estate is at a premium.

more about Nautilus Hyosung 4000W

ATM Nautilus Hyosung 1800 CE

Nautilus Hyosung 1800 SE
(formerly the 1800CE)

NEXT-GENERATION FUNCTIONALITY: Enhanced ATM performance and features.

more about Nautilus Hyosung 1800 SE

ATM Nautilus Hyosung 5000CE

Nautilus Hyosung MX 5000 CE

THE SPACE SAVER: Feature-rich ATM functionality in a sleek, compact body.

more about Nautilus Hyosung MX 5000 CE

ATM Nautilus Hyosung 5100

Nautilus Monimax MX 5300 CE

LOBBY READY ATM: This powerful and sleek model is built for high volume ATM locations.

more about Nautilus Monimax MX 5300 CE

ATM Nautilus Hyosung 2700CE

Nautilus Hyosung 2700CE

LIKE AN ON-SITE BANK ATM: Use as a walk-up or drive-through ATM.

more about Nautilus Hyosung 2700CE

ATM Hantle 1700

Hantle: Mini Bank 1700

ENTRY-LEVEL VALUE: The performance and functionality you need at a great price.

more about Hantle Mini Bank 1700

ATM Hantle 4000

Hantle: Mini Bank C4000

THE VERSITILE CHOICE: Flexible, customizable, and ADA compliant right from the start.

more about Hantle Mini Bank C4000

ATM Hantle Mini Bank T4000

Hantle: Mini Bank T4000

THROUGH-THE-WALL: Easy to install and feature-rich, this Hantle model means business.

more about Hantle Mini Bank T4000

ATM Triton RL 1600

Triton: RL 1600

FEATURE RICH: This affordable model delivers impressive features without the rich price.

more about Triton RL 1600

ATM Triton RL 2000

Triton RL 2000

FLEXIBILITY FOR ANY LOCATION: This performance Triton ATM won’t break the bank.

more about Triton RL 2000

ATM Triton RL 5000

Triton RL 5000

ATM OPTIONS: This ATM is fully customizable, with big branding potential.

more about Triton RL 5000

ATM Triton Traverse

Triton Traverse

SLEEK RETAIL ATM: The performance you need for retail ATM traffic, without the cost.

more about Triton Traverse

ATM Triton FT 5000

Triton FT 5000

HIGH TRAFFIC THROUGH-THE-WALL: A performance ATM that your business can afford.

more about Triton FT 5000

ATM Genmega 1900 (G1900)

Genmega 1900 (G1900)

REAL ATM CHOICES: Customize this retail ATM to your location and traffic.

more about Genmega G1900
upgrade: Digital ATM Topper

ATM Genmega 2500 (G2500)

Genmega 2500 (G2500)

CHOICE ATM UPGRADES: A range of ATM options to meet your needs.

more about Genmega G2500
upgrade: Digital ATM Topper

ATM  Genmega GT3000

Genmega GT3000

COMPACT THROUGH-THE-WALL: Small profile, weather-resistant ATM performance.

more about Genmega GT3000

ATM Genmega G6000

Genmega G6000

HIGH-END ATM PLUS:A feature-rich side-car chassis delivers choices.

more about Genmega G6000
upgrade: Digital ATM Topper
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Customer usage is higher than expected, my customers are happy and I am seeing higher spending since we installed the ATM. Congratulations on a great team effort. more

Xavier Perez