ATM Placement Service

Turn-Key Free ATM Placement Service

ATM ownership boasts numerous benefits for retailers, but Free ATM placement is a good option for businesses that want the benefits of an on-site ATM with less commitment. CAI provides a seamless, headache-free ATM placement program, and we can manage and maintain the ATM at your site from start to finish.

ATM Machine Placement: Cash Access on Site

While ATM ownership can offer distinct financial benefits, CAI’s low-stress, Free ATM placement program delivers distinct benefits:

  • A shared portion of ATM surcharge profits
  • Worry-free ATM installation and maintenance
  • CAI will load cash, supply, and maintain your ATM
  • Fast start-up, with no back-end ATM management required of your staff
  • Cash in hand that your customers can spend on site

You can also rest assured knowing that the commitment to service that sets CAI apart will keep your ATM program operating seamlessly. Whether you own your ATM but want to outsource ATM management or are looking for a complete ATM placement solution, contact CAI to learn more.