NEXXO ATM Banking Services

Enhanced Financial Service at the ATM

As banking goes mobile, consumers expect more options in more places. Expand the capabilities of your Genmega G6000 and other ATMs with NEXXO managed financial services. Offering an array of options designed for today’s retail and off-site environments, NEXXO adds depth to your ATM, making it a convenient place for transactions (and profitability).

With NEXXO, your customers can pay bills, send money, get cash, load cash to a prepaid card, and much more.

Clear Benefits to You and Your Customers:

  • Convenient ATM banking that drives ATM revenues
  • ATM banking options for underbanked populations
  • Simple touchscreen interface
  • An ideal way to cross-sell retail products through your ATM

ATM Banking Made Easy:

  • Check scanner
  • Money-Order Dispenser
  • Bill Validator
  • Camera and Speakers
  • Secure Vault

NEXXO ATM brochure

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