ATM Services: Full Support for Total Performance

At CAI, our value proposition is all about the service that sets us apart. That starts with our convenient range of ATM options and continues with a complete menu of services. Upon ordering, your machine will be shipped immediately, and comes with a host of value-added benefits

  • ATM Cash Management and Processing: Streamline your ATM cash flow with total ATM cash management solutions. We also leverage our network to provide complete transaction settlement and processing through all of the major card networks, including EBT, where available.
  • On-Site Training for Your Staff: Our certified technicians are happy to provide training to you and your staff in person to make daily operation a breeze.
  • ATM Signage: Your ATM will be delivered with a complete signage package, ensuring that your new machine catches eyes – and foot traffic.
  • Monthly Statements: You’ll never have to wonder how many ATM transactions have been made. Each month, we provide a complete report to help you balance the books.
  • 24/7 Help Desk: Have a question? You’re never alone. Our ATM tech support team is always there to assist you.
  • ATM Supplies: Each machine is shipped with three months of receipt paper, so you can start realizing profits the day of installation


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Service has always been prompt and excellent. Our commission has never been late. – it arrives like clockwork. more

John Larsen
Bar & Restaurant Owner