Financial Institution Co-Branding Opportunities

CAI - The ATM Company offers customized branding programs across the United States. We operate and manage off-premise ATMs, helping financial institutions reduce expenses, establish, grow and retain brand awareness, for both commercial accounts and consumers. We offer the opportunity to brand ATMs in your target markets in order to expand your footprint giving your institution greater exposure and providing an added service to your customers.

Many financial institutions are interested in deploying off-premises ATMs. However, some may have reservations about the expense and resources needed to support the program. CAI’s turnkey program provides peace of mind, since we are responsible for any upgrades required by law or ATM network regulations. There is a trend toward deploying off-premise ATMs. In a report dated April 2013 (GAO-13-266) a sampling of approximately 82,000 financial institution ATMs noted that 43% were located off-premise. CAI can provide the solution.

With our Co-branding program, CAI will brand ATMs with your bank name and logo and provide ongoing cash replenishment, maintenance, all required upgrades and 24x7 customer service.

  • NEW ATM Hardware - State-of-the-art, current and compliant equipment
  • Turnkey solution
  • NO Capital Expenditure
  • CAI supplied Vault Cash
  • ATM Cash Management & Secure Delivery - Predictive cash flow management and armored car services keep the ATMs stocked at all times
  • Web based reporting – real time transaction information and monthly reporting
  • Equipment Maintenance - Complete and ongoing maintenance keeps equipment in peak condition
  • Transaction Processing – All major debit and credit networks
  • Customer service – 24/7 customer service including service and consumer issues.
  • Reg E – CAI processes all disputes and consumer questions arising from transactions
  • ATM Monitoring - Our solutions come standard with prompt notification of faults through the automated device monitoring feature and we respond accordingly
  • Custom Marketing - Advertise on the ATM as well as store sales and events with rotating screens, video toppers, backlit signage and more